Welcome to the Indians 4 Social Change Website!

We offer an internship program for high school students or adults in journalism. You can feature your writing to over 300,000 people who have signed up to our social media or newsletter and over 60,000 people a month who read the content right on our site. 

Our editors will help you write op-ed style pieces and help you find your voice in writing. At no point will we ever ask you take an angle that you don’t want to or take something you have written and change the opinions. Our goal is to get the voice of people around the world heard. We encourage anyone who is passionate about any social issue to submit work and use our platform as a mechanism to lead your own social movement.


We offer a writing internship that is open to applications. Applicants are expected to write once a week through a step-by-step process that will last a few days for completion. The internship lasts two months and is unpaid (it’s more like a course than a job).

You will receive a letter of recommendation and certificate upon completion of the internship.

Deadline: We take applications at any time, but keep in mind that the I4SC team will only select and email out acceptances to interns during the first week of each month.

You will not receive an email if you are not accepted, but you are more than welcome to reapply next month.


You must write an article every week.

You will be required to submit work by every Sunday. You can submit it earlier if you wish.

Around 100 words
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