We want to help non-profits and socially conscious companies get the recognition they deserve. We invite all entities to email us ([email protected]) about the possibility of becoming a Social Change Partner. There is a form below to officially sign-up!

**Everything we offer is free and without any obligation to you. We are also a non-profit and helping other NGO’s is part of our goal and mission!**

If you are interested please send us a basic article giving us information about your organization and any pictures/videos/social media links we should include when we launch you as a partner!

There are two ways you can become involved:

Non-Profit Partnerships 

A partnership between I4SC and the Organization would hopefully allow us to bring together key players in the fight for social justice. Our plans are the following:

  1. Monthly Guest Articles: We invite one of your volunteers, leaders, or clients to write an article about the cause you fight for. We not only “allow” but highly encourage you to use this to pitch your organization to our readers. We invite you to share information about any recent events, projects, fundraisers that you have, as well as general information about your work to our readers. We have close to 250,000 Facebook followers (with more than 5000 new followers continuing to join every week), 15,000 email subscribers, another 5,000 followers on other social media sites, and around 50,000 website views/month, and so we can really help you get the information out. We understand that you may have a blog where you already share this information, but remember the only people who read it, already know about you! We want to help you find new donors, volunteers, and supporters to our large readership.
  2. Banner Ads: Send us an ad that you would like us to display on our site. We want to share our advertising spaces with non-profits, and we are committed to providing at least 20% of our advertising space to organizations. There is no cost for this either!
  3. Online conferences, panels and webinars: We plan to hold regular online conferences where we bring in non-profits, youth, and other key leaders who have a stake in the issue to discuss and collaborate.
  4. Promotional Video: A video where we combine footage from video interviews, footage you can provide about your organization in action, and one of our writers guiding the viewers.

Non-Profit Feature Articles 

Our goal in writing these articles is to identify key players in social change projects in India. We hope that by writing about the work these organizations do, we can help generate support for them, and create awareness about the issues NGO’s are trying to solve.

Our primary goal as a website is to spur social change, and working with organizations that do this is crucial to our plan. In order for us to accurately and most effectively portray the work you do, we like to use the following approach.

  1. Interviews with the following:
    1. Founder/Executive Director/President
    2. Top Level Volunteer/Employee
    3. Grassroots Volunteer
    4. Someone who benefits from the organization’s work
  2. Research on media coverage thus far
  3. Social media pages, websites, etc.

We understand that not all of these resources are always available, and we want to work to accommodate your needs, so let us know if you prefer an alternative approach.

We also like to address controversies if applicable. We appreciate organizations that bring those issues to us, and then we hope to work with you to explain the situation to our readers, and your supporters!

If you could start by sending us recent press releases, or a list of media coverage you’ve already had, it would make it easier for us to draft our questions for the interview.

Think of us as a free PR firm for your organization! If something doesn’t work, or if you think something will work better, let us know, and we’ll be happy to change it!

Fill out this form and you will be assigned a person from our team to help you through the process!

Non-Profit Partner Sign-Up

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Maximum file size: 102.4MB