The 2017 I4SC Written Advocacy Tournament

Indians 4 Social Change is proud to present our first ever online essay-writing competition! We encourage you to submit a piece of writing if you meet the requirements, which will be presented below. Winners will win select prizes and be featured on various I4SC online profiles. We take pride in our initiative to spur social awareness through an online platform by encouraging young activists to engage in argumentative and persuasive writing, and want to expand our goals to meet a wider audience. We recognize not everyone has the time to devote to the committed internships we offer here at I4SC, so we think it is important to reward those activists who have talents they can’t offer due to other commitments. We hope to encourage young writers to pursue writing as a result of participating in our online competition. Read specific guidelines and see if this is something you or someone you know may be interested in.


Each contestant will be responsible for writing a well-developed essay of 500-750 words negating or affirming a given resolution and submitting it by October 8 11:59 IST. We will be specifically looking for writers to show an understanding of the topic, and skillful and persuasive argumentative writing abilities. These include but are not limited to factors such as the ability to address counterarguments, provide evidence from reliable sources, include citations in the form of footnotes, and use grammar and spelling correctly and efficiently. Of the submissions we receive, we will select sixteen winners, who will then move on to the elimination rounds.

Qualifying Round Topic: The Indian government should criminalize prostitution in its entirety.

Octafinal Round Topic: TBA

Quarterfinal Round Topic: TBA

Semifinal Round Topic: TBA

Final Round Topic: TBA


The essay must be written in fluent english.

The essay should be at least 500 words and not over 750.

The essay must take one of the two sides of the argument. Essays submitted with both perspectives will not be considered.

The contestant cannot be a part of the Regular or Elite Internship at I4SC.

The contestant must be 21 years or under and an Indian citizen.

Submission Procedure:

Contestant should email ([email protected]) a word document with the following format:

The subject should be titled, “2017 I4SC Written Advocacy Tournament Submission.”

The first page in the document should include your name, school (if any), age, and an email to contact you. No identifying information should be on any other page of the document. Keep in mind, we will not be sending out rejection emails.


Contestants who make it past the qualifying round will get a certificate based on the highest round they reach and be featured on our online platform and social media profiles. Additionally, the two finalist will win monetary prizes. The winner of the final round will receive 7500 INR, and his/her opponent will win 2500 INR for reaching finals.

Important Dates:

October 8th: Qualifying essay submission deadline.

October 11th: Octafinalists and the topic for octafinal round will be announced.

October 18th: Octafinal essay submission deadline.

October 21st: Quarterfinalists and topic for quarterfinal round will be announced.

October 28th: Quarterfinal essay submission deadline.

October 31st: Semifinalists and topic for semifinal round will be announced.

November 6th: Semifinal essay submission deadline.

November 9th: Finalists and topic for final round will be announced.

November 16th: Final essay submissions deadline.

November 19th: Final winner will be announced!

Contact Us:

For any further inquiries, feel free to contact us at [email protected]