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"Women Unfit for Indian Air Force" Says Chief Marshal

Arup Raha,  the Indian Air Force Chief Marshal, doesn’t think women are physically suited for flying fighter planes. On March 11, 2014, Raha stated, “As far as flying fighter planes are concerned, it is a very challenging job. Women are by nature not physically suited for flying fighter planes for long hours, especially when they are pregnant or have other health problems.”

Hmm, that’s weird, since every other major world power allows women to fly fighter jets:

Turkey: Since 1937

Russia/Soviet Union: Since World War II (The Night Witches)

China: Since 2012

United States: Since 1993

England: Since 1994

Pakistan: First Fully Trained Women in 2013

These countries don’t have problems with pregnancy, physical fitness, or any other random excuse the male chauvinistic marshal can come up with.  Maternity leaves, fitness training (I can’t believe I have to write that), and basic policy changes can allow women who want to fight for their country, to do so.

The Air Force isn’t the only part of the military that discriminates against women. Indian women can’t serve on warships, join the infantry, or artillery. Times of India states, “At a time when the US is now allowing women to serve on board submarines and countries like Australia are dismantling all gender barriers to allow female troops to serve on the frontlines, India remains extremely reluctant to even give them permanent jobs in the military.” This is  just another appalling example of how women are treated unfairly in India.

But you know, women could become pregnant and have to give birth halfway through the flight, and we can’t have that, now can we?

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