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Change in Male Attitude towards Women in Workforce?

Of the 1,219,300,00 people living in India, a small number of Indian men have finally started to wake up and realize it’s time to give women the rights they deserve. This is a major step in the process of trying to stop women from being made to feel inferior and finally giving them a position in society. Women are slowly being given the opportunity to be involved in parts of society they want to. There is still a long way to go, but India is well on its way to finally being a society suitable for women to be active members of.

In several places in India, it is believed that after a woman has given birth, she has to give up all her dreams and quit her career to become a stay-home wife. After women put their all into their education to pursue the career of their choice, they are told to drop everything and take care of their child. This concept of a woman’s role is little by little disappearing with the support of the Indian men.

Delhi resident, Aarti Wahaal gives her input on this new atmosphere being provided to her by her husband. Wahaal states, “It wouldn’t have been possible without my husband helping me with my resume and mock interviews. His experience in telecom consultancy gave me an added advantage and provided a better insight into the sector.” For a woman living in the current patriarchal society of India, this is an enormous deal. Finding husbands who supports their wives in standing up and following her dreams in India is progress. Her husband Yateesh says he couldn’t let his wife sacrifice all her hardwork from her education because, “a successful career is her right.” Finally someone understands!

Female participation in the workforce is one of India’s major concerns. From the 131 countries that records were present for, India comes 11th from the bottom in female labor force participation according to the International Labor Organization.  This is not tolerable! Hindus, who worship the Hindu goddess Lakshmi whose name means “good luck,”  and signifies wealth, are treating women as if they shouldn’t have a role in society other than taking care of the house and children.

Not allowing women in the workforce can have negative impacts on Indian society as whole. As Cyrus Mistry, one of the most important leaders of India and chairman of the Tata group stated, “When women are insufficiently represented in the workplace, we lose out on 50 percent of the talent pool. In an environment where human capital makes all the difference between success and failure, this is a massive loss which countries and corporates can ill-afford.” When women are denied access to participate in the workforce,  society suffers along with the women.

Indian women are necessary in order for society to progress efficiently. India cannot afford to discourage women in the workforce, especially given the current situation of society. Not allowing women in the workforce has had an enormous impact on India’s economic performance. India’s growth rate has the potential to increase by 4.2 percent if women are to be given additional jobs according to the International Labor Organization. India can become the world’s fastest accelerating economy, once again, by simply allowing women in the workforce.

How much longer until more men like Yateesh wake up and realize that India needs to let women participate in the work force in order for them to have the rights they deserve?

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