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Indian Air Pollution Tied Number One with China

Air pollution causes 7 million deaths per year, which is 1 out of 7 deaths worldwide. This is a major problem because deaths are only part of the problem, air pollution also leads to many pulmonary problems, asthma, chest pains, and coughing. Air pollution can be caused by many different things and in India the recent massive influx of cars and factories has made matters much worse. Many steps must be taken to stop the massive problem of air pollution.


Across the globe, air pollution is a major problem. Ever since the 19th century with the industrial revolution, countries have increased their machinery and factories, and thus pollution output, exponentially. The regulations that have followed the industrial revolutions of the past simply cannot keep up with recent developments. The rapid growth of industrialization, coupled with the growing technological age, is largely responsible for the air pollution that plagues the world today.

India, only recently in the last century, gained independence and began to industrialize. India is beginning to catch up with other countries, like the US, but industrialization at this speed results in horrible atrocities. Asthma, bronchitis, chest pains, and pulmonary problems all have been linked to air pollution. Air pollution causes 3,000 child deaths in New Delhi alone and is a major contributor to the deaths of adults, and especially children. This is horrible as child mortality also increases.


Many people across the globe have been informed of this situation in India, but it is not enough to simply hear about problems, a solution or solutions must be found and people must help. The air pollution produced in India will not simply hover over the subcontinent. People across the globe will begin to see the effects of these massive pollution emissions very soon if actions are not taken to curb this problem.

In Japan, there is a group in Toshiba that is working on a vacuum to help purify the air by measuring nano-litter levels in the air and removing them from it in the same process. This has a huge potential to drastically change the lives of Indians, if the air is able to be purified.

Also, trains have been introduced into the Indian commuting system to decrease automobile usage. Trains run on electricity and cut back on the use of fossil fuels greatly, which helps reduce the emission given off by the cars and buses that people would have otherwise taken to commute. These trains simply cannot do enough to curve the drastic air pollution levels of today.


People across the globe must be made aware of the problems of air pollution. Air pollution in any country alone can substantially lead to the deaths of thousands of people in neighboring countries, besides in their own. In order to cut back on the emissions, people in all countries should become aware of their own unnecessary usage of pollution emitters. Ride bikes, walk, take a train if you live in the city, or mass commute by bus. What you will be doing will be better for yourself, your children, neighbors, friends, family, and the world as a whole.

How will be you make a difference in emissions?

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