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Indian Cricket Fans Heinous Actions Towards Yuvraj Singh

Recently, India played Sri Lanka in the final of the T20 Cricket World Cup. It was a rematch of the 2011 Cricket World Cup Final which India won. However, this time India suffered a different fate, and the heavily favored team lost to Sri Lanka. While the Indian fans all had a right to be disappointed, some fans took it a little too far.

Yuvraj Singh is an Indian cricketer whose peak may be past him. He was a superstar cricketer who was known for his incredible batting skill and strength. If you don’t watch cricket, hitting a six is like hitting a home run–the ball has to leave the field and land in the stands without bouncing. An over is a stretch of six balls that are bowled in a row by the same person. Yuvraj Singh once hit six 6’s in one over! That’s 36 runs off just six balls. In fact, he is the only man, other than South Africa’s Herschelle Gibbs, to accomplish this feat at the international level. All his accolades have netted him to be worth $35.5 million.

However, Singh was faced with a huge obstacle that threatened the rest of his career–cancer. After the 2011 world cup, he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his left lung. As everyone knows, cancer is a big deal, and few would return to athletics after going through chemotherapy, but Singh was different. After treatment, he got right back into doing what he loved–playing cricket. Of course his playing ability was slightly impaired, but unfortunately for Yuvraj, he has never quite become the same player he was pre-cancer.

In the 2014 world cup final, many blamed Yuvraj for the loss, as he didn’t bat very well. Some fans were so frustrated that they threw stones at his house. Many people came to his aid on Twitter. Some even mentioned that the same fans throwing stones at Yuvraj’s house were probably the same ones who waved Indian flags in front of his house in 2011. Despite his slow hitting, Singh shouldn’t be the only one credited with the loss–other players also played poorly.

The Indian cricket fans very quickly forgot how Singh had won four man-of-the-match awards during the duration of the 2011 world cup, and even won the player of the series, the equivalent of winning World Series MVP. This is just another case of ignorance and disrespect from the Indian cricket fans. Last year, they pelted stones at Captain MS Dhoni’s house. Such heinous and useless acts are becoming all too prevalent, and the cricket fans have to learn to be more respectful, and deal with losses as maturely as they deal with victories.

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