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Indo-American Relations: A Bright Future or a Rapid Decline?

Bilateral relations is often a very tenuous topic that requires extreme delicacy. In recent times, one such relationship has evolved in the instance of India and the United States of America.

According to a study by Select USA, India has the 8th fastest growing rate of US FDI at around 17%. The United States also has a sizable Indian population, which makes good relations with India an important subject.

However, the most important thing to take into account is the political situation in India. As per recent projections, Narendra Modi is predicted to become the next Prime Minister of India. Empirically, Mr. Modi and the United States have not been on the best of terms and there have been a multitude of questions about how this would affect Indo-American relations.

The conflict between Mr. Modi and the United States began in 2005 when Mr. Modi (then the Prime Minister of Gujarat) was not given a visa to enter the United States. This act was seen to be a direct insult, but did not have any major implications on the countries’ relationship at the time. Mr. Modi was accused of being directly involved in the religious riots in Gujarat at the time, which prompted the United States’ actions.

Though it is believed that this event could have an extremely detrimental impact on relations if Mr. Modi ascends to the summit of India’s leadership, the candidate himself has stated, “A country’s relations are not determined by what happens or happened with an individual.” Political analysts have determined that this most likely means the incident is simply water under the bridge. This gesture alleviates a large amount of pressure that the relationship has been placed under after Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade was arrested in 2011.

The United States has also responded with placatory measures with the removal of Nancy Brooks as the ambassador to India. As per official records, she has retired in accord with her long term plans, however, the timing has caused a large amount of speculation. In combination, these events provides overwhelming evidence which seems to indicate that both countries’ are willing to make amends in order to protect the relationship. With this in mind, Indo-American relations look resilient and the future seems to have good things in store.

[Image Attribute: US Embassy in New Delhi]

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