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The Importance of US-India Relations


The United States and India’s relationship over the past decade has fluctuated greatly. From strong relations during the Bush administration over their shared interest of Islamic prosecution and the deterioration of relations from Modi’s travel ban, the US and India have never had a stable relationship for longer than ten years. Given the recent elections in India, it is time for both countries to move past their old tensions and start a new era of peace and prosperity.


Although the issue may not seem like a big deal, Indo-US relations are an important aspect of the security and advancement of the world. President Obama’s main goal is for the US to keep its top-dog position in the world, while Modi’s goal is to make India a powerful, and respected nation in the world. Modi’s desire of economic growth as well as new technology will require him to reinvigorate relations with the United States. Additionally, as a rising economic power, India’s proximity to China and Al-Qaeda bases provides the United States with the perfect base to launch any offensive military operations. Teresita C. Schaffer, Director of the South Asia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Security, comments on the importance of strong Indian relations; “For Washington, the advantages include a wider network of friends in Asia at a time when the region is changing rapidly, as well as a stronger position from which to help calm possible future nuclear tensions in the region.” Moreover, strong relations with India would cascade into investments into the growing businesses of India causing a growth in the economies of both countries.


Both countries must amend some laws to fix this problem. For India, the Diplomat concludes that, “India can pass a nuclear liability law necessary for US nuclear energy companies to do business there” to strengthen relations. On the other hand, the United States must, according to the Diplomat, must  “remove India’s major defense and research institutions from an export control list.” These solutions are just small steps to fix the large problem. Ultimately, Indo-US relations are vital for the future.

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