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#TheMistakeGirlsMake: A Trending Hashtag That Shows the Sexism in India

This new hashtag that is trending in India on Twitter: #TheMistakeGirlsMake is a scary indication of the mindset that many Indian men (and even some women) carry. Here are a few that are shocking:

1. The Same Attitude As The Guy Who Killed People in California

2. All Women Must Cook… Otherwise, How Will They Please Their Husbands


3. Women Please Don’t Shop

4. Do You Girls Even HAVE Brains?



5. He OWNS Her: Come On!

6. I Mean We Don’t Let Them Go To School, So How Is That Even Possible?


7. Girls, Please Always Be Groomed, You Never Know When a Man Will Want You.

8. The Imbalanced Sex Ratio Is Your Fault! Stop Blaming Female Feticide


These Two Got It Right


This is crazy. These attitudes need to change if we want any progress in India. Retweet to hijack this hashtag!

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