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25 Children Rescued From Bangle Factory in Hyderabad


The labor department reported that 25 children were rescued from dangerous conditions from a bangle factory in old city. The children were from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Odisha and the parents had sent them to Hyderabad on their own. Parents unknowingly send their children to Hyderabad hoping it will bring in income, but the actual conditions of work are intolerable (besides being illegal).

The Raid

Police officers raided a building in Khilwat area where they found children as young as six years old working to make bangle which were to be sold in Lad Bazaar.

New Indian Express reported that the rescue operation took place because of a tip from a member of the Aam Aadmi Party:

‘We were tipped off by a member of the Aam Aadmi Party and we immediately raided the place,’ said deputy commissioner of labour-II S.Rajender.

The Crime

The children were moved to a juvenile home in Saidabad, and the police are trying to find the employer, (Chand aka Guddu), whom nobody seems to have information on. They have filed cases under the child labour prohibition act.

Deputy Commissioner S Rajendra told the Times of India:

Bangle manufacturing is categorized as hazardous under the child labour prohibition act. The children were housed in a single hall, which was their workplace and dwelling quarters. They were not in a position to explain their condition.


This isn’t the first time that jewellry production sites have been found using child labor, and many other industries, including the carpet industry, use child labor to produce their products. Part of being a smart consumer is making sure that the products you buy are not hurting someone else. Sometimes a simple Internet search can reveal so much about the brand or location you shop from and can help disincentivize using child labor. This video shows the impact that labor can have on a child’s future.

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