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Should Indira Gandhi's Assassination Get a Film?


Some films are silly and stupid, and do nothing but let us pass time with a few laughs. On the other hand, some movies are powerful, and they hit us emotionally and stay with us for years to come. And some movies just give us insight into something or someone we’d never have insight to.

Though India is a great country beyond measure, it is also a very sheltered society. India supports a strong democracy but there is corruption from the highest rungs of the government to the local policemen. The film industry is no different. India has censored films with rape scenes, gay relationships, religious intolerances, and with scenes exposing or even simply discussing people with government power. While the Indian film industry is capable of showing brutal, horrific, blood-spilled violence, some of the most important issues are never shown. The concept of hiding certain ideas and problems from the public evokes a Orwellian, “Big Brother” vibe, and that’s not at all a good thing.

Current Issue

Speaking of 1984, Kaum De Heere is an upcoming film centering around the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in October 1984.  Shortly before the film was made to release, the BJP demanded a ban of the film. Various claims were made, saying that the film could “trigger tension between Hindus and Sikhs,” and that Mrs. Gandhi’s assassins would be “glorified.” The BJP has even threatened to start protests if the film is released.

Many involved with the film’s making are distraught at India’s unwillingness to expose the realities that the film can show. Producer Ravinder Singh asks,

“Films have been made about political assassinations all over the world, so why can’t a film be made on Mrs Gandhi’s assassination?”


India has been banning films forever because the government always feels that it’s not safe for the public to see certain material. What are your opinions? Does this sound very fair or is it time to let go of Orwellian ways and allow the public to know and see everything?


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