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Featured Social Change Partner: Society Against Violence in Education

Our non-profit organisation, SAVE (Society Against Violence in Education), basically works against ragging all over India. SAVE creates a common platform for voices against ragging; SAVE is a fully cause-driven organization. Once the goal is reached, we can switch over to some other social causes, as will be legally feasible. We want that to happen on or before 2020.

The motive of our organisation is to provide help and support to the society and the victims of such ragging activities practiced in various institutions, colleges, schools, etc. The main aim of our organisation is to raise voice against the practice of ragging all over India and create a society free of ragging.

Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE) is different and unique because:

  • SAVE comprises of young professionals and students from Medicine, Engineering, Information Technology, Law, Architecture, Management and Film, etc.who volunteer for the cause over and above their regular jobs or academics.

Now we also have some experienced retired officials, who served in high ranks and are now volunteering for this initiative.

  • It has, so far, been funded mainly by its members.
  • SAVE is always open to new ideas and suggestions. We strongly encourage people for sharing ideas, suggestions as well as for constructive criticism.
  • It’s actually a common man’s and woman’s effort. The society itself is trying to solve its serious concerns.

SAVE’s Legal Team served legal notices to several production houses and channels for airing content that eulogized ragging. As a result, one TV Program that eulogized ragging was taken off air. SAVE also filed a complaint with Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) against an advertisement by a leading chocolate brand which portrayed content that eulogized ragging. Pursuant to our complaint, they were prevented from airing the advertisement.

SAVE’s active intervention has even filled in the gaps where the Anti-Ragging Helpline failed to render assistance to some of the victims. A recent case in point is the harassment of a ragging victim from Tamil Nadu. SAVE’s members not only provided the victims with free legal and psychological counselling, but also wrote to the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Chennai High Court who took suo moto cognizance of the matter and instructed the Police to submit its reply for the alleged conduct. As a result, the police registered an FIR against the perpetrators of ragging and stopped harassing the victims.

SAVE has filed multiple RTIs with University Grants Commission (UGC) to inquire about actions taken against errant Institutions, and consequently the UGC has directed the Vice-Chancellor of the affiliating University to take a punitive action against the erring Institution (a Kanpur based institution). RTIs were filed with other bodies as well.

Presently our organisation is working towards anti-ragging and how to abolish such practice. Once that goal is achieved, our organisation will set new goals and take up new issues, raising its voice against such practices which results in violation in education. To spread awareness and to expand our activities, put up more workshops and camps all across India, and free our society from all hindrances it faces. The futuristic vision of our organisation will be achieved, when the society faces no violation in education.

We believe through our collaboration with Indians 4 Social Change, we can achieve greater goals and spread more awareness. SAVE’s core members have regularly been invited to speak at prime-time talk shows in several Indian news channels that has served as a platform to empower millions with the knowledge about the rights of victims of ragging and the duties of the educational institutions. SAVE has also organized numerous workshops and presentations at different cities sensitizing students (and faculty members) against ragging. Thus, a platform like this will give a great support to the cause of our organisation. The readers can discuss such sensitive topics relating to violation in education and raise issues and voice louder with the help of such platform.

We look forward to work together in the near future.

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