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Social Change Partner: Indian Dreams Foundation

What does your non-profit do?

Our NGO is an emerging organization based in Agra (India) , and we work mainly in Education for disadvantaged children with a special focus on girls’ education. We run several programs for enhancing quality of education and collaborating with the government to minimize dropout rates of children in government schools. We are working on the lines of RTE (Right To Education Act) and we support the MDGs of the United Nations. We are addressing issues through the adopting  of government schools, running our own non-formal learning center,  and creating an adolescent girls sponsoring and mentoring campaign.

What need do you fulfill and why is your organization unique?

We are based in one of the backward states of India, where the female literacy rate is low comparatively to that of males . We have a democratic framework in our organization, and we value learning and sharing knowledge and experiences .
We have an equal [gender] ratio in our decision taking board and firmly believe in the gender equality in our organization’s decisions and our activities .

Our NGO is in emerging stage, but our transparency and well-structured system have given us credibility in the worldwide network.

What do you think was the happiest moment for your organization? 

There are many impact stories from our beneficiaries as well as appreciations from international and national agencies:


The happiest moment for our organization was when our NGO was granted Special Consultative status by ECOSOC (United Nations) for practicing gender equality and working on girls’ related issues:

What was/is the largest obstacle your organization faced/faces?
The obstacles we face on a regular basis are mainly shortage of funds/donations and capable and dedicated human resources. As we are in the emerging stage, we have limited resources for delivering quality services .
We need funds and human resources who can promote and support us with their skills and experiences .

What are the future plans for your organization? 

We have a goal to reach 10,000 children by 2020 and enhance our target beneficiaries in remote areas so that every child can get an education and can live with dignity.

How can our readers help you further your mission?
Our NGO is a platform for all people who believe in its vision and mission to educate every child and partner with humanity.

We welcome all people and request for support in any form for advancing our mission and achieving our goals.


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