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J.Jayalalithaa Setting The Way for Equality for Adi-dravida People in Tamilnadu

The notable work of J.Jayalalithaa in progressing towards development for Adi-dravida people and schools is a example for others. The Chief Minister is responsible in the state for the welfare of it’s people and is intensively working on making the plan successful.

Adi-dravida is the community of people living in Tamilnadu, commonly knows as ‘DALITS’ in India. They are the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe by birth. In the past, these were the people who lived with no freedom as Slaves. Some revolutionary changes where brought down by Dr. Ambedhkar.

To give them better education and a purposeful life, J.Jayalalithaa is working on new schemes and program plans. One of the major plans implemented is regarding government schools. To make Adi-dravida students learn lessons through computers. Smart classrooms will soon be set up in 26 high schools across the state.
Adi-dravida and tribal student’s hostels are going to be upgraded with good facilities. The students will get quality food on time as the government proposes to distribute items to 98,039 students in 1,314 schools. Therefore, a model boarding school will soon be established.

As the Adi-dravida have had historic difficulties in obtaining education, The Chief Minister has made their education cost-free. All the necessities will be covered including notebooks, bags, food, uniforms, stationary items and even bicycles.

Hostels for working women are under construction for Adi-dravida and tribal women who migrate to other places in search of jobs. Loans will be specialized for them to be self-employed.

Her efforts will surely make those children and people have better lives. Hopefully, equality will soon spread its wings in Tamilnadu and set an example for other States.

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