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Solar Rooftops: Amongst the Most Promising Make-In India Endeavours

Onset of the Make-In India Campaign

The Make-in India Campaign was launched by PM Narendra Modi in September, 2014 with the motive to initiate and encourage manufactures within the country. It has significantly helped to boost skill enhancement as well as employment generation. So far, twenty five sectors have been untaken. Together with Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), government assistance to Indian entrepreneurs and subsidies, the Make-in India campaign stands a very promising ground of promoting the country’s prospects. Moreover, it will reduce the cost of products since the money spent on importing goods will be saved. Construction sector and chemical industry are covered by the initiative.

Solar Rooftops

Solar photovoltaic modules installed on the rooftops of buildings will facilitate solar energy tapping and storage with the help of panels, batteries and inverter. The newly formed governmental strategy and investment of 5000 crores in this domain has called attention in this direction. It is another green technology that is environment friendly and thus worth implementing at all levels.

What makes Solar Rooftops a Game Winner?

Solar energy is available in abundance in a tropical country like ours. Hence, it is in the goodwill of all of us that we strive to efficiently utilize this precious natural resource. Roof space amounts to the maximum open space available in a building. Therefore, solar photovoltaic panel if installed in this space can help provide energy sufficient enough to sustain the building. Moreover, with the advanced materials used as a panel constituent the degree if energy produced can be sufficiently enhanced. Furthermore, the make-in India campaign will trigger investments for indigenous manufacturing of photovoltaic panels. Thus, products more suitable for the country’s conditions and at a reduced price can be achieved.  Also, it will trigger the development of other associated areas such as nanotechnology.

Our Roles

The roles and responsibilities that we as the citizens of the country must realize in order to smoothly take the plan to completion must be realized in order to benefit from its fruits. Firstly, we must acquaint ourselves with these developments and their underlying advantages for ourselves as well as for the entire society. Also, we must devote enough time and attention to understand these upcoming systems and bring to notice any bottleneck that may exist. We as responsible citizens need to step forward and incorporate beneficial and green technologies in our everyday lives.


Despite the high installation cost incurred in implementing in solar rooftops, the whole idea appears to be expensive at the first glance. However, delving deep into the details will help us realize the far-sighted benefits of incorporating such a system. Solar rooftops will enable us to minimize our dependence on fossil fuels for electricity generation. Thus, not only will we achieve the target of conservation of conventional energy resources but also it will mitigate the pollution that is caused by burning these fossil fuels like coal and petroleum. Make-in India campaign, boost to FDI and growth of science and technology will foster the development of the solar electric equipments to generate efficient and effective system and achieve long lasting goals.

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