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Towards a Better Future: India’s First Transgender Band

Transgenders and Cultural Stigma

Trans genders have always been that part of the society that is highly ignored and shunned. A mere difference in biological composition does not make them outcasts. Their struggle is a long one and they will continue till they have freedom.

The 6 Pack Band

The role of media and other forms of communication have achieved the impossible- It has been highly successful in providing a platform for change. But a platform is not enough. There is a need for people to have that drive and initiative to bring about a change in people’s perception and finally to their own lives. For a community like that of the trans genders, who have endured years of humiliation and inequality, there is plenty of drive and vigor. Such is the case of Asha JagtapBhavika PatilChandni SuvarnakarFida KhanKomal JagtapRavina Jagtap who came together to form the ‘6 Pack Band’ and have made a breakthrough with the release of their first music video. With delectable support from the Bollywood film industry, they have spearheaded a movement like no other. Under the banner of Y-Films, a subsidiary of the evergreen Yash Raj Films; the Indian version of Pharell William’s hit single- Happy called ‘Hum Hain Happy’ is a catchy song that has gone viral on Youtube. For the members of the band, future is as bright as one can imagine since their second song, to be released on the 26th of January will be sung alongside popular playback singer Sonu Nigam, who also played a pivotal role in launching the band.

A Future of Acceptance

The future doesn’t seem so bleak after all considering the fact that our conventional society is slowly transitioning into a modern society not only in terms of acceptance but also with regard to tolerance. The inception of the ‘6 Pack Band’ is one such instance. But a more epochal change was in the appointment of Manabi Bhandyopadyay, a transgender, as a college principal. This move speaks a great deal about their (trans genders) being capable of doing all those things that a person of any other gender is capable of doing; and that the only deterrent is the society itself.

The examples mentioned above are all initiatives by the community itself with little or no help from the government. And form of aid from the government needs to start from scratch. Housing facilities, job reservation and free education are all provided to citizens of India. Aren’t the transgenders also eligible for the same? The need of the hour is to guarantee not only material aid for them but also ensure that they live a dignified life. The government must guarantee and ensure that Fundamental Rights are applicable to transgenders as well.


As long as the society remains the same, government initiatives will do little in uplifting the transgenders. Perhaps most social issues facing our country today would be completely non-existent if it hadn’t been for our rigid society. Our society is one in which inequality is inherent. And as long as the narrow mindset and age-old practices continue to be followed, inequality will exist and people will continue to be ostracized. A complete mental revolution is therefore key to a better society.

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