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I Stand by my Country: Is Patriotism the Same After Seventy Years?


The BJP,  after achieving Maximum Governance with Minimum Government, hopes to initiate a movement which is named ‘I stand by my country’ on the occasion of 70th anniversary of Independence Day and 75th anniversary of Quit India Movement. It believes this venture could ignite the spark of patriotism and dynamism in the minds of 21st century erratic Indians, according to the information provided by Ministry of Information and broadcasting. They further added that, this could prove to be a vivid advancement in the process of making India, a superpower in the near future. But will the Intensity would stand still in the future or will fade away is the question?

Envisioning ‘New India’

Today, it is necessary for India to take a direction to secure its place in the future else it might end up with horrendous coda and the Government tries to mimic the country’s past to act today to achieve tomorrow. “There is a new and upbeat dynamism, an innate desire in the people to see the nation rise to new heights of success” the Ministry of I&B said. The Government strongly believes that the campaign would definitely bring ethereal results which would build ‘New India’ untouched by corruption and poverty. Critics might consider this as hoax and a false act to gain attention but if they deliberately think, it is a venture to sub-conscious development of the nation.

Multimedia Campaign

With more than half of the country being ‘under 25’ age group, India gains the right to be called the potential global power but this needs to be instilled into the minds and hearts of the youth. It is correct to say that the future of nation is in youth’s hands but one can’t forget that the most fragile mental make-up which could anytime run into oblivion is of the youth too. Then, “What to do?” The answer lies within, that is to guide them in their own way, as the saying ‘to attract, one should approach through the vogue of the society’ and the ‘digital-lovin’ PM of India exploits the fact in a positive and beneficial manner. The PM motivated people to post Selfies with the ‘Tricolor’ and encourage the readers to support the campaign through platforms like My Government and various other social media and planned to have week-long celebrations on the lawns of Rajpath from 15th of this month in the country’s capital.


The Initiative could help India to distend from inside of its own potential and energy or might result in just another ephemeral act; this could be answered only with time. But the motivation and reiteration of country’s past and struggle for Independence would definitely whisper a mellifluous song to youth of the nation in their own vogue. The eradication of problems like Corruption is not a day job; it is a rather gradual one that would require efforts and plans like this. The solutions could prove to be Modi’s next big step in shaping country’s future.

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