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What Will Be India’s Reply to Rohingya’s Call for Help?


Will India be the shelter for Rohingya after the mass exodus in their Homeland? Will India open the gates for the refugees in humanitarian grounds, even after been chiseled with the Bodhgaya incident, and potential threat of terrorism? Or, will it keep its silence till the end?

What Is The Rohingya Issue?

They have been described as the “world’s most persecuted minority”. The Rohingyas, historically called Arakanese Indians, are an ethnic group largely comprised of Bengali-speaking Muslims. Rohingya played a direct role behind the terror attack of Bodh Gaya on July 7, 2013 to attack Buddhist tourist as an answer to Totalitarianism in Myanmar.

According to the Burma Citizenship Act of 1982, Myanmar considers the Rohingya community as “stateless entities” and doesn’t provide National Security to them. They consider Rohingyas as Bengali refugees who flew into the country during the Colonial period. From then, the community is facing persecution at the hands of Burma’s military. However, the Rohingyas consider themselves Muslim natives of “Arakan,” (modern day “Rakhine state”) the state of Myanmar.

They started fleeing to neighboring countries like Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh and India. In October 2016, a military crackdown in the wake of a deadly attack on an army post sent hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas fleeing to other countries. Similar attacks in August 2017 led to a  ‘New Wave’ of their mass Exodus where around 4 lac Rohingyas fled to other countries, mostly Bangladesh.

A week back, Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina restricted the entry of Rohingyas into the country which made them stay in squalid, violence-wracked Rakhine state. The country had to take the tough call due to the unprecedented crisis of overcrowding at Cox’s Bazar, a southeastern border district of Bangladesh.

What The World Says

Recently, the issue has gotten global attention, the United Nation accused the military of ‘ethnic cleansing’ because of their brutal explosion to such a daunting exodus. U.S. President Donald Trump asks United Nations Security Council to take ‘strong and swift action’ to settle down the violence. Analysts say Myanmar’s De facto and Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, has very little if any control over the military or to stop the criticism.

Why Is It A Crisis To India And How Can It Be Solved?

India being the Largest Democracy and Super Power in the region has to take some decision towards Rohingya conundrum. The country could allow refugees on humanitarian grounds or keep ignoring them like Bangladesh. If India opens the door then it will raise the Economic load on the country by providing them food and security. The country might face some terrorist explosion because the terrorists group might hire them and do activities against India. The issue is worsening the Indo-Burma trade relation which is affecting India’s economy indirectly.

India can solve the problem by taking indirect steps like appointing a Brand Ambassador for the crisis who will directly involve in the Myanmar actions. The country could also raise the issue in local forums such as ASEAN and BIMSTEC. The country could use Soft power to convene Buddhist conference under the leadership of Dalai Lama or by participating in “Advisory Commision on settlement of the problem in Rakhine state” led by Kofi Annan.


The mass migration since 1940s had picked up new wave today which is anyhow dangerous for the world. The West intrusion and issue’s direct effects could prove daunting for the country’s future. It would not be a wise for India to remain abstemious towards the issue. The question is “Will the country forgive and allow Rohingyas to drain into the country or will abscond the situation?”

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