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Gulaab Gang to Motorbike Gang: Delhi’s Plan to Make Roads Safer for Women

The Motorbike Squad

Not only has Delhi decided to safeguard the women of Delhi by placing a motorbike squad around the streets, it has decided to have the officers be women too! Talk about killing two birds with one stone, nice job Delhi!

The phrase “rape capital of the world” really seems to be igniting a well-awaited fire in Delhi society as we see initiatives like this being put into place. The group of 300 female officers on motorbikes will be called “Raftaar,” and will begin work in December. Additionally, “officers will be equipped with body cameras, helmet bullhorns, pepper spray, and Taser guns, in addition to their standard-issue sidearms, the Hindustan Times reports. They will serve as rapid response units patrolling the crowded, narrow streets of Delhi.” Watch out filthy sexual assaulters, Delhi means business! This is a major step considering a lot of solutions seem to address resolving the issue after it has occurred, and it is easy for perpetrators to run free under the corrupt system. This method seems ideal as it women fighting for women and deferring the assault from occurring. Ravi Kant, president of a women’s rights group in Delhi states,

“Criminals know they can get away with it because police investigations are so shoddy that hardly anyone is convicted in the courts. We need a holistic action plan, not this kind of reaction.”

Additionally, another obstacle the police force face often is receiving calls about an assault and not being able to take action due to the narrow lanes, some of which prohibit cars from even entering the premises.

The full plan will be presented on December 11th, let’s hope this mitigates one of Delhi’s empirically common issue significantly.

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