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Indigo Airlines: Beating Customers Not Competition!

With the plummeting reputation of airlines these days nothing really should surprise us, unfortunately, the recent video of an Indigo Airlines assaulting a 53-year-old man hits an all-time low. What could be worse! The seemingly ‘mandatory’ apology arriving after the video became public, and the sacking of the employee who recorded the video.

Pinned To The Ground!

In yet another appalling display of ‘customer service’ Indigo Airlines might have bagged the top spot for worst domestic airline. A video of an Indigo Airlines ground staff employee engaging in an argument and then manhandling 53 year Rajiv Katiyal on the Delhi airport tarmac has emerged 23 days after the incident. Katiyal informed media that he was waiting for the bus under the shade of an aeroplane when a groundsman scolded him and ordered that he move away. In response, Katiyal asked why the groundsman could not arrange a bus as a pose to scolding him. Infuriated by the response the vengeful employee made sure the passenger did not board the bus, even if it meant getting physical. The 81-second video shows the employee literally holding the elderly man to the ground, choking him!

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

The airlines who seem to have lost their bearings of late took yet another wrong turn by terminating the whistleblower who recorded the video. An innocent attempt to intervene and an act so inhumane, turned out for the worse for the whistleblower. His wife is currently pregnant making the situation even more unfair. Whilst the internet commended his actions in revealing blatant unjust treatment, the airlines decided otherwise.

Forced Apology?

With many people strongly condemning the airlines for their utter lack of consideration for their passengers, and with their reputation it was only natural they apologise. They have claimed to have apologised to the passenger about the unfortunate treatment, the very same day. They also urged him to file a complaint so that an investigation may ensue.


Violent behaviour from airline staff in the air and now on the ground seems to be nothing new these days. This, however, does not imply we stand or go with the flow, dead fish go with the flow! Besides being passengers having paid for the service such disgusting behaviour should be tolerated by anybody, even if it means the airlines be fined or a further more punishable action be taken. Airlines, however, in an attempt to salvage their reputation should implement strategies to avoid future complications. Some suggestions are:

  • Conducting thorough interviews with future employees to assess them as an individual,  besides professionally

  • Mandatory training for all new employees

  • Introduction of probation periods ample assessment of all new employees

  • Welcome feedback from passengers to ensure that even the slightest hint of misbehaviour does not go unnoticed

  • Welcome suggestions from passengers as on how the airlines might improve passengers experiences
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