Almost every SRK fan can agree that 99% of what makes his movies mesmerizing is his good looks, good looks, and good looks. Our beloved SRK is now getting ready to release a show, Ted Talks India: Nai Soch, which will feature empowerment, meaning, and activism at its best.

He states,

“It’s for the young, and also for those young at heart. It is for those who have ideas and for those who don’t have any idea. It is for the open minded [cis] and for those who want to open their mind,”

The show, just like the Ted Talks we all know and love, will have short, powerful speeches by various different figures about different issues and ideas in society, but in Hindi. The show will be launched on December 10th on StarPlus. He shares his promo video on Twitter, and captions it, “It is time to open our minds and hearts not just the arms…”

SRK, your fans are definitely eager to watch your new show, but don’t worry we still adore your signature arm-raising move!

Watch the promo video here.

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