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Trains Delayed, Flights Cancelled: Whom to Blame “Smog” or “Citizens” ?

Smog- A Major Concern

The beginning of the new year was marked by a thick layer of various pollutants or substances, also called smog, hovering around the capital. This created a huge problem for the passengers by disrupting the transportation system of a city, where around 2 million people travel in a single day. Approximately 50 trains were delayed and a certain number of flights canceled. The delay added to the passenger’s woes as some had to wait for even 2 days at the railway station in such freezing weather conditions. Vehicular traffic was also hard hit because of visibility issues. A major hub of the country was brought to a halt. But is it a major concern? As a matter of fact, it indeed is. The word smog is a combination of two words- smoke and fog. When the hazardous particles in the air amalgamate with fog, they lead to the formation of a layer, which is thick enough to persist in the environment for a long period of time, creating choking conditions for the people.

Persistent Problem

As per the Central Pollution Control Board, the Average Air Quality is around 400 out of 500, which is considered “very poor”. At the time of Diwali in 2017, the air quality was “severe”. Undoubtedly, now it has reduced but this reduction is insignificant. In fact, no reduction has been recorded in the causes of smog which majorly include burning of crops, vehicular congestion, industrial emissions, high temperature, etc. The problem still persists and is an increasing threat to the lives of people.

Who Is To Be Held Responsible?

When the causes of smog are observed vigilantly, it is realized that all these are actually created by man. Except for temperature and geographical conditions, all others are man-made and have contributed immensely to creating this disastrous condition. In the name of advancement, humans have been encroaching the environment because of their unlimited desires without realizing the impact such an activity could have.


When someone creates a problem, then he alone has to face its repercussions, in this case, they shall be borne by the entire human fraternity. Troubles faced by commuters was just one issue that was enough for boggling their minds.
The list is long enough to instill the feeling of distress among the creators. It includes health problems such as chest congestion, allergies, asthma, irritations, premature deaths, etc. Currently the problem is being faced by a segment of people so neither the citizens nor the authorities are concerned about it, but if the intensity of the scenario continues at a rapid rate then soon the entire world will turn into a gas chamber which will be completely unfit for living and will, in turn, hamper survival.

Can Smog Be Tackled?

The answer lies in the habits of Delhiites or rather every human being who wants a healthy environment. A plea of “One Family One Car” was thought to provide some remedy to the problem, however, it was dismissed by the authorities. Nevertheless, certain policies can be adopted by citizens as a matter of responsibility even if there is no legislation for the same. Apart from this, practices such as pooling of cars, tree plantation, installation of appropriate filters in the industries can prove to be fruitful. There are other ways also like installing an appropriate exhaust system in the houses but that won’t provide a long-term solution. Understanding the root cause and acting accordingly will be more beneficial. Think of the environment as your own home and protect it in the same manner as you protect and take care of your homes.


Strive towards the goal of environmental conservation as one large group and there is hope of achieving it. The idea behind discussing a problem and its impending solution is not just to create awareness in the minds of sufferers but to assess the situation in such a manner that the required changes can be brought in the lifestyles of the people not only in the affected area but in the entire world. This ensureas that there is no question of repetition of this disaster elsewhere because if it repeats and persists in the same manner, it will soon end up in a catastrophe.

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