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Mob Lynching: An Environment Of Fear

A Saga Of Mobocracy ­

‘‘A society with lynch culture needs a big zoo, not for the animals definitely, but for the very people themselves!”

Today Mobocracy is burdensome on Democracy, which is not a good sign for mankind. A number of people have lynched in past couple of months on the foundation of fake news and rumor.  A mentality is being propagated against a distinct religion, society, and caste which is making everyone frightened.

A 55 year–old dairy farmer Pehlu Khan was lynched in April 2017, and a BJP lawmaker said he had ‘no regret’ over the killing since Pehlu Khan was a ‘cow – Smuggler’. This Mob Lynching must be closed down with the coordination of state and central government. But the problem with the Modi’s government, say many, is that it is seen an ineffective – or unwilling to rein the mobs.

Result Of Rumors And Fake News

More than a dozen people have killed throughout the country since May 2018 in brutality by messages on WhatsApp service. India is not only the sufferer of fake news but so many countries throughout the globe. Governments around the world are considering laws against fake news and WhatsApp rumors. And officials are a worry for the expansion of bruit. Spokesman of WhatsApp Carl Woog said ‘‘we have also seen people use WhatsApp to fight misinformation, including the police in India, news organizations and fact checkers. We are working with a number of organizations to set up out education efforts so that people know how to spot fake news and hoaxes circulating online”.

‘Supreme’ Guidelines Of Supreme Court

Supreme Court of India has said to the central and state governments on 17th July 2018 to implement the guidelines ordered by the Supreme Court in very upcoming four weeks.

Apex Court also made the central and state governments accountable for the mob violence and lynching.

The top court asked the state government to designate a senior police officer, not below the rank of superintendent of police, as nodal officer in each district and also asked the central government to make a law against Mob Lynching in parliament. Yet after four days of the guidelines, a Mob brutally kills Rakbar Khan on suspicion of cattle smuggling in Alwar of Rajasthan.

An Attack On Humanity

Mob Lynching is not detrimental only for a particular religion or community but for the humankind too. Innocent people of every religion are being assaulted by the mob. An Arya Samaj scholar and a social activist Swami Agnivesh was punched, kicked and horrendously abused by a mob outside a hotel in Jharkhand’s Pakur district, the same day when Supreme Court was giving guidelines to the governments.

India is the biggest democracy of the world where people believe in judiciary and courts, but these days the mob has become police and court, who finds out its own truth and give desirable punishment to innocent people. And people who want to promote mob lynching know that a mob cannot be named, arrested, tried and convicted, so murder and intimidation car carry on unchecked.


Security to citizens is the first and foremost duty of any state since the state was brought into existence to give security to people. Yet so far this year, 24 people have been lynched, whereas, in 2017, 11 persons were killed in eight separate attacks. And all this is coming into being due to fake news or rumor propagated on social media. Before some time the words ‘Mob Lynching’ and ‘Mob Attacking’ were new in our dictionary but now it has become so ordinary to be heard about Mob Lynching and Mob Attacking and this concatenation is not finishing anywhere. And all this is happening because of political silence. Now it’s time to stop it and raise our voice for social change because together we can fight against mob lynching and we will be heard. Since Mobocracy can never be burdensome on Democracy.

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