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Aamir Khan Calls Men Out on Domestic Violence

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan says that men will first have to change the way they think before violence against women can be combated. Aamir has a history of supporting social causes, but this message was directly to the point: If you hit a woman, you are a coward. End of story. His message is delivered in support of the One Billion Campaign. The “Billion” in their name represents the statistic that one in three women will face violence in their lifetimes. The following post by them helps explain their mission:


Domestic violence in India is harder to combat than in other parts of the world, because of cultural issues. Women are expected to subject themselves to their husband, and trying to go against them is highly frowned upon. This recent study seeks to examine the traditional gender roles effect on domestic violence.

Aamir Khan takes a strong stance against those traditional gender roles, and his words are one small step towards changing the culture of violence against women in India.

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