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Guns for Girls: Sexual Violence Victim Blaming 2.0

Victim blaming is taking on a new shape. According to one study, India is the fourth most dangerous country for women. But hey, the women made it that way, right?. They should be careful about what they wear, and where the travel. You know what I don’t get at all? Why don’t women just protect themselves better? That would solve everything.

The first part is exactly what FEMALE Indian politicians are saying the problem is. As if that form of victim blaming wasn’t bad enough, people are now asking the last question. Some Indian companies are hoping to solve rape by holding women responsible for their safety. For example, one company is making smaller guns that are made specifically for women to keep in their handbags. Victim blaming at its finest! It is ridiculous to expect women to have to carry a gun in order to secure themselves. Why are some Indian’s intent on putting the burden on the victims?

Not only is the concept offensive that women must be the one who have to change to stop violence, it’s not practical either. One blogger effectively explains why:

First, the price. At almost $2,000 (Dh7,345), the gun is unaffordable for all but a few of India’s 614 million women. Even if the majority had that kind of money, they would choose to spend it on school fees, buying a computer for their child or doing some home repairs.

Second, India is not America. There is no gun culture that celebrates the gun as a citizen’s fundamental right to self-protection. Indians have not grown up watching Westerns.

Thirdly, even if a gun could be used effectively, given that a rape happens every 22 minutes in India, do we really want a homicide happening too, raising the levels of violence?

Solutions like these should be shutdown right away. The first step in fixing the culture of violence is to stop victim blaming. Instead, Blame the men who have not learned to respect their mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters. Blame the men who think rape is a recreational activity. Most importantly, blame everyone who stands by and allows these attitudes to perpetuate.

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