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Maternal Mortality Rates Finally Dropping, But Is It Enough?


Maternal death is defined by the medical dictionary, MediLexicon, as the, “death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days after the termination of gestation, irrespective of the duration and site of pregnancy and the cause of death; two periods are recognized in the 42-day interval: period one includes day 1–day 7; period two includes day 8– day 42.”

India has the highest maternal mortality rates with 50,000 deaths in 2013, which is 17% of the maternal deaths across the world. Couples in India may be forced to think twice when wanting to start a family in fear of raising a child without a mother. Having a biological mother and father has been proven by several studies to be extremely important in the well-being of the child. The way a child is raised is highly dependent on the presence of both parents.


There is finally a solution emerging to maternal mortality in India according to UNICEF India. A new tool is now being used by health experts to save women’s lives. UNICEF India’s Deputy Director of Programmes, Chris Hirabayashi believes one of the major problems in maternal deaths is that they’re aren’t even accounted for. Maternal and Prenatal Death Inquiry and Response (MAPEDIR) is a collection of data to analyze the cases of women who die from pregnancy. This evidence has the potential to find the root causes behind these deaths to allow the prevention of future deaths. The obstacles women face in accessing reproductive health care are being tracked by MAPEDIR, so that health officials can finally find solutions. The article states, “Medical records only capture part of the story, documenting the biological causes of death. This new knowledge identifies the other crucial factors that contribute to mothers dying so that solutions can be identified by communities and health systems.”

India has reduced its maternal mortality rates faster than any other country since 2000. Pregnancy-related deaths in mothers have decreased by 3.1% annually since 2003. Indian people have definitely recognized maternal death as an important issue and steps have been taken to save lives, but there is still a long way to go.

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