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Video Goes Viral For Right Reasons: Beauty Tips By Reshma

Acid attacks continue to be a prominent issue in today’s society, specifically in India. Acid attacks are a form of gender based violence, one that still continues to take its toll on young women. However, the survivors are not to be taken as victims but heroes, women who fight against acid attacks and in doing so protect the lives of potential victims. In one campaign, a woman named Reshma raises international awareness through a makeup tutorial and sheds light on the issue of the easy availability of acid.

Ethically, gender based violence is a severe issue, yet in reality it would be better described as a fatal or deadly issue. Some survivors dare to tell their story while others remain silent, acid attacks are as ghastly as the phrase itself, yet what’s more appalling are the roots of this crime. Common motives for acid attacks involve dowries, a woman rejecting a man’s sexual advance or a marriage proposal, or for revenge. According to AcidViolence.org,

The availability of acids used in manufacturing and processing cotton and rubber, for example, is a leading cause of attacks. Weak rule of law, political corruption and cultural inequalities between gender have contributed to increasing incidents of acid attacks in many countries.

This type of assault showcases the deeply rooted gender inequality and with lack of political reform is likely to encourage such senseless acts of gender based violence. Although countries such as India have created organizations like the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, the inexpensive and easily accessible acid proves to be a choice weapon for many criminals. The World Health Organization or WHO reports that the crime goes unpunished and can thus be imitated by others. In order lessen or prevent attacks, hindering a potential criminal’s accessibility to acid is key.

Reshma is a young woman who is not only a makeup vlogger, but is also an acid attack survivor. Reshma begins the video with the typical lipstick tutorial, but near the end she explains that purchasing acid is as common and attainable as lipstick. In India, groups advocating for more support are also emphasizing the role laws and government enforcement of laws can play in stopping acid attacks. The National Commission for Women (NCW), chairperson Lalitha Kumaramangalam stressed the importance of tackling the sale of acid as there is little law enforcement or awareness on acid attacks. Kumaramangalam says, “There is immediate need to curtail the free sale of acids in the retail shops. Acid is freely available in our country. We need to look into the availability of acids and the manufacturers of acid.”

Reshma’s beauty tutorial became a viral internet sensation across the globe, large media corporations such as Cosmopolitan magazine and People magazine wrote about Reshma and her inspiring video. The video is truly persuasive and informative, the selling of acid in India threatens the safety of young women and encourages the use by failing to reform the sale of acid. Acid attacks is gender based violence, in order to solve gender inequality, eliminating or even reducing crimes such as acid attacks are key. Reshma is an advocate for the organization Make Love Not Scars, sign the petition in order to stop the sale of acid.

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