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Muslim Representation Low In 16th Lok Sabha

In a major setback to integration of muslims in the mainstream Indian population, the 16th Lok Sabha will witness a very low representation for the community. The muslim representation in the Lok Sabha was apparently taken over by the saffron party which is mainly based on Hindutva and its ideals.This may result in a feeling of alienation of the muslims from the central government.

With just 22 muslim representatives in the 16th Lok Sabha, the BJP should look forward to taking some steps to prevent alienation of the muslims from the central government.This is the worst in the history of Indian Parliament with the previous low being in 1957 when there were only 23 Muslim MPs.While Muslims constitute 10.5 per cent of the population, its percentage representation in the new Lok Sabha will be 4.2 per cent. In 1957, it was marginally high at 4.6 per cent. The highest representation was in 1980 when 49 Muslims were elected to Parliament.

States like Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, which always elected Muslim MPs in the past, have none this time. The states that have elected Muslim MPs include Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Lakshadweep. BJP, the largest party with 282 members, does not have a single representative from the community. The largest number of Muslim MPs come from West Bengal with four from Trinamool Congress and two each from Congress and CPI. The second highest number is from Bihar with RJD, NCP, Lok Jan Shakti Party and Congress sending one MP each. In Assam two Muslim MPs, both from All India United Democratic Front, have won. Kashmir has elected three Muslim MPs while Kerala elected three. Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have elected one Muslim MP each.

So the fact remains that despite a glorious win by Narendra Modi all over the country, the Achilles heel of his miraculous mandate remains the dilemma of the Muslim minority.The Muslim dilemma will continue to haunt the Modi administration, especially since his image has had the tag of the Godhra massacre attached to it.

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