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The Importance of Modi's First Trip as PM

The Background

Soft power is an effective tool in global situations. Whether it is gaining leverages, diffusing tense conflicts, or increasing relations with other countries, foreign policy continues to be implemented today. Many scholars agree that diplomacy is a better tool than military might to attain security and prosperity in nations.

The News

Just recently, Bhutan became Narendra Modi’s first foreign trip as Prime Minister. This goes to show that the Indian government is seeking to strengthen relations with neighboring countries.

The Significance

What is the strategic value of Bhutan?

Monika Chansoria of Scrollin notes that “Bhutan’s geographical position makes it a key strategic asset, being landlocked between China’s Tibet Autonomous Region to the north and Indian states of Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to the west and south.”

With China trying to gain leverage over India by strengthening its ties with the small nation, it is time for India to start to embolden its relations with Bhutan as well. Additionally, Chansoria continues to write that “India has extensive historical and cultural ties with Bhutan, and its support is key to the tiny state’s economic development. The Modi government proposes to strengthen the existing bilateral free-trade regime and undertake measures to boost mutual trade.”

Also, the Modi government has appointed a new ambassador, Gautam Bambawale, to Bhutan. Previously he worked as the Joint Secretary.

The Conclusion

This trip is an important indication of Modi’s priorities for foreign policy. He has sent a clear message that India will be a regional player and work against the increasing influence of China in Asia.

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