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International Diplomacy: India-Pakistan Relations


India and Pakistan, two countries that were once part of the same territory, have always had clashes either on the issue of religion or on matters relating to national security. The incessant battle is always followed by desperate attempts by the prime ministers of the nations to hold peace-talks and negotiations. This has been the case since the partition in 1947. Therefore, the recent attack in the Pathankot airbase was a major deterrent to the India-Pakistan relations, after which both countries are trying their best to reinforce their ties. This comes as no surprise to civilians. The Pathankot attack particularly enraged the citizens of India and in such cases, cordial relations between the leaders of the two nations can do little to inculcate friendship between India and Pakistan.

Strained Relations

Foreign relations between India and Pakistan have always had their ups and downs. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts in patching the many hiatuses in the strained relations is worthy of appreciation. Modi’s ‘surprise visit’ to Pakistan on Christmas Day came as a surprise to the world, but the outcome was a major boost to India’s Foreign Relations with Pakistan. But the Pathankot attack, immediately soiled Modi’s attempt. The incident soon overshadowed what could have been the beginning of a new friendship. But the Indian and Pakistani governments have not yet given up. Pakistan made a game-changing move by announcing the arrest of several militants of Jaish-e-Muhhamad, a group accused of staging terrorist attacks in Pathankot. The move was lauded by the Indian government and talks between India and Pakistan are likely to resume soon.

India is a country with immense potential. On its way to becoming an economic superpower, hindrances that can be avoided must be avoided. A threat to national security or political unrest are all factors that obstruct development or at least delay it. Foreign Relations with neighboring countries is of utmost importance; only then will trade prosper. In recent times, terrorist strikes have been the root cause of fear among people. Peace negotiations abound in every part of the world albeit with little or no use. The need for peace reinforces the need for better foreign relations and for India, talks with Pakistan is what will make a difference.

Having said that, Foreign Policy is a give and take policy; there is never a single beneficiary. Both parties benefit equally. Pakistan and India may have border disputes among other issues; this calls for negotiations that will promote peace and unity among India and Pakistan and not further wars.


India may have claimed Independence on the onset of the India-Pakistan partition. But the truth is, no country is entirely independent. In the present world, good Foreign Relations is on every government’s agenda and ‘independence’ in the globalized world is rather a narrow concept. The governments of the two nations may be well-motivated to hold talks but unless the citizens of the two countries embrace brotherhood; foreign relations will be no different from pre-partition times.

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