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Social Change Partner: DESIRE Foundation

Q: In a few short sentences, what does your non-profit do?

DESIRE FOUNDATION, pledges to transform lives of people on the edges of society, supervise events and uplift the scholastic & cultural heritage of our Nation.

Q: What need do you fulfil and why is your organization unique?

A major focus is on the Women and the Youth. We resolve to supervise events like seminars, debates, awareness programs, talk shows etc. for promoting social impartiality, try and assist artisans and promote and uplift the scholastic and cultural heritage of our Nation. Our main motto is ‘Poverty cannot be eradicated by Charity’, therefore we fund ourselves to achieve the above said goals through social entrepreneurship

Q: What do you think was the happiest moment for your organization?

There has been quite a few happy moments. The fulfilment of every project has brought upon great joy. Be it the smiles on the faces of the little orphans on Rakhi, or the satisfied faces of the children in the project ‘TREATZZA’, or the gleaming proud faces of the women in our Women Empowerment project that took place on the Independence day. However the happiest moment was the very moment when all our hard work actually brought light (on the eve of Diwali ) to the houses which remain in the shadows of darkness throughout the year in our project The Liter of Light..Our work reached the grass root from where it started, be it “rice bucket challenge”, where the woman who aterted it wanted to work with us, or “LITER OF LIGHT “where the founder itself shared and congratulated us. We have always been the 1st in our state to implement any unique project.

Q: What was/is the largest obstacle your organization faced/faces?

A major project of ours has its link with Kolkata. Managing ongoing projects, college studies and then finding time from the busy schedule to travel to Kolkata to fulfil the work there, has been a major obstacle. Also this travelling at times becomes a little expensive and we have to pull in from our own pockets.

Q: What are the future plans for your organization?

We have a list of projects in hand that needs to be completed. We also have plans to further strengthen our base in Orissa (in different colleges) and also spread our wings in other cities. In recent years we want to see ourselves all around the globe eradicating poverty by some means where we distribute the money between the ones who have and the ones who don’t.

Q: How can our readers help you further your mission?

Readers can read about our work and help spread our message to the masses, so that other youngsters are motivated to do something for the society. This can further help us strengthen our Foundation all over India. It shall also ensure better outsourcing and will help us collaborate with other NGOs with similar school of thoughts and also if they can help by any monitory support.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Any recent articles, videos, or information that would help us learn more about you?







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