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Drugs: Taking A Toll On Children’s Health, Wealth, And Education

Small children of schools and colleges caught using drugs and involved in drug mafia in the state of Telangana.

Drugs: The Life Takers

Narcotics are the most powerful drugs known to man. While these drugs are invaluable in the medical field they are also highly addictive. Long-term use of these drugs will have a severe effect on the body and overdose of these drugs even leads to death. A total of 29,247 cases of drug abuse were reported in the year 2012 and the number has increased drastically over the years. The most commonly used drugs are opium, morphine, heroin, ganja, cocaine etc., At least 13 kinds of these drugs have been imported into India and their rates range from 1.5 lakhs to 2.5 Crores per kg.

School Children Caught With Drugs

A girl who was at a party in her classmate’s house in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad was offered a piece of paper that contained Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), a narcotic drug, that changed her life. The parents of the girl were very rich and money was not at all a problem for her as a single blot of LSD cost 3.000 Rs/-. Similarly, another guy who was a class XII student was introduced to a drug peddler by his rich friends and later became a drug addict.

It was not just these two. On further investigation, the police came to know that hundreds of school-going children have become addicted to these drugs. This happened by chance when eight persons were arrested and something related to narcotic drugs emerged from that case.  The top officer of P&E wing explained that they got their men infiltrated into one of the gangs and they caught three and seized 700 blots of LSD and 31 grams of MDMA.

Also, Mobile phones were seized from them that showed them using nicknames and codewords and stored the data of their clients. The drug peddlers also used to ask young girls to send their pictures in exchange for drugs. The conversations took place using WhatsApp and messengers.

Parents And School Authorities In Shock

27 colleges and 26 schools were asked by the authorities to check on the use of drugs by their students. All educational institutions including some of the prestigious international schools and colleges were sent advisories. Letters were sent to the heads of educations institutions to keep an eye on the erratic behavior of the students. The school authorities were asked to counsel the students on this issue. Also, concerns were raised by the parents and the parents were also asked to closely monitor the students.


Drugs is a very sensitive topic and it has to be dealt with utmost care. A keen eye has to be kept on the children and their activities have to be observed. Also, the parents should not spoil their kids by giving them more money whenever required. It is a must and should that the schools and colleges conduct seminars and raise awareness on the use of drugs and their harmful effects. The government should also take strict action on drug dealers and drug peddlers. This kind of act should be seriously condemned.

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