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Self Confidence is the Ultimate Motivation for Progress

Meaning of self confidence

To believe in one’s abilities and potential is an essential ingredient to achieving success. It is quite natural to experience varying degrees of self esteem. A general feel good factor about our own selves is imparted by a healthy self esteem.  An ideal degree of self confidence is a rarely found attribute in today’s Youth who give in to the pressures of the peer society. In the absence of this optimism, youth faces the challenge to establish their true identity giving the chance to the social injustices to thrive and grow.

Seeds of self belief need to be inculcated at the very initial stage of childhood itself as advised by the legendary scholar of India, Swami Vivekanada. It is the role of the guardians of the children to help them to understand themselves and keep the self-faith unwavering in difficult situations. While the circumstances may always keep changing, the person must stand tall and face challenges.

Difference between confidence and arrogance

There is fine line between the two terms but the consequences are completely different from one another. The ways to distinguish the two are necessary to know so as to make judicious choices.

Arrogance is the result of an illogical feeling of superiority complex which is generated by a lack of understanding about the own self and complete absence of introspection. In other cases it can simply be a disguise to conceal the inner inferiority complex.

Confidence, on the contrary stems out of a subtle realization and understanding of one’s strengths as well as weaknesses and gives the power to acknowledge them bravely. Therefore, the feelings of contest and domination become obsolete ad non-existent. A truly self confident person will not only progress himself/herself but will also honestly help others realize their dreams. Together, they will get the ability to fight against all odds and evils of the society to establish truth and goodness.

Inspirational Lives

Self confidence is healing and elevating. There are several instances of how people could rise to great heights just by building confidence in them. Examples like Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln etc. are good examples of how people could rise from their difficult situations due to their unwavering self belief.

Innumerable challenges like poverty, physical disability and social domination were put forth at the paths of these individuals which were all surmounted by sheer self-confidence and determination.

Drawbacks of extremities in self esteem

There are drawbacks of both the extremities. It is essential to know them, identify them in various circumstances and choose to strike a balance. Indian culture promotes the culture of closely bonded family structure. People need not hesitate to seek help from their close ones who can certainly enable him to identify his strengths and weaknesses. An honest and progressive frame of mind is the key to develop the invaluable feeling of self confidence in oneself.


To conclude, it can be said the future of any country vests at the hands of the young population. Self-confident and motivated citizens will ensure a bright future. Everyone should invest considerable time introspecting and updating the self.

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