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Featured Organization: I-AM Shakti

Progress is never made unless stigmas and boundaries are broken. This is exactly what I-AM Shakti, a non profit organization founded on the basis to break the stigma of mental health surrounding Indian Americans, their friends, and their families, is doing.

I-AM SHAKTI was started in November 2017 and currently has 60-70 members strong with 8 distinct teams. which he released sometime at the end of last August. Archit Baskaran first created the organization and then, shortly after, he recruited two of his friends, Ragashree and Shyam, followed by others to contribute to this pertinent cause. Officially launched on November 20th, 2017, I-AM SHAKTI has been working assiduously to raise awareness for mental health in Indian-American communities.

I-AM SHAKTI is based on the principle of sparking social change through stories and anecdotes. One of the most interesting things about I-AM SHAKTI is that each member of the organization has had an actual experience with mental health, and they offer unique perspectives to help those who also face similar circumstances. The organization is based on sharing your story and creating a safe, reliant network where individuals can seek advice, share their experiences, and contribute to the destruction of the stigma of mental health in Indian American communities.

To read more about I-AM SHAKTI and to learn about how you can help contribute to their cause, please visit their website: https://www.iamshakti.org/



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