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Protector Becomes Life Threat: Policeman Tries To Rape Six Year Old

The lack of safety for women and children in India and even the protectors of our society, policeman, have become a threat to women and children. A policeman tried to rape a 6-year-old.

Lack Of Safety For Women And Children

Though there are many laws to protect the interests of women and children, the crime rate against them has increased tremendously. Free availability of porn on the internet sites even for high school children, has made an adverse affect on the children psychologically. The crime rate against women and children have tremendously increased from 41.7% to 53.9%, between 2011 and 2015. Unfortunately, many crimes have reported till today. Most of the crimes committed are by family persons or people familiar with the family. It has become very difficult nowadays to trust people around us.

A Policeman Tried To Rape A Six-Year-Old

In a shocking incident, a policeman tried to rape a 6-year-old girl inside the premises of Kemri Police Station in Uttar Pradesh, Rampur district. The incident took place when the child was playing outside the police station and was lured by him. When screams of the girl were heard by the villagers they barged into the police station to find the policeman, Tejveer Singh trying to force himself upon the child. Tejveer Singh was the sub-inspector in the police station. Reports have suggested that the policeman was in an inebriated state when he tried to rape the child.

The Action Taken Against Him

He was caught on camera while on-duty and this has raised a lot of questions on the law and order situation in our country. Around 200 villagers later surrounded the police check post and held a protest. The child’s parents have lodged a complaint and a First Information Report was filed against the sub-inspector.  On Sunday, the SI was produced in the court of judicial magistrate and was sent to 14-day judicial custody. The child has undergone medical examination and the report is awaited.


According to the government data, 20,000 cases of sexual assault against minors have been reported. It must be noted that crimes against children are on rise in the country. Such heinous crimes should be condemned as it takes a toll on the psychological balance of the children who will have to undergo a lot of trauma after the crime committed against them. As an individual, it is necessary that everyone should have a proper self-control on the emotions.

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