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Acute Condition Of Capital’s Lungs: Who Is To Blame?

There has been a rise of 20% in the number of patients complaining about breathing problems in the Country’s Capital. The state is happy to score a “Very Poor” and people are advised not to go out, warm up or allow their children to play outdoors. Surely, time changes but to this magnitude when the holy sayings are swapped was certainly unexpected. It is time we ask ourselves “What have we done wrong?” “Who is to Blame?” “How to recover?” and “Is anthropogenic terraforming gone too far for the capital?”

“Severe” To “Very Poor”: For Capital, It’s a Long Shot

Last week’s spike in pollution, which the Hospitals called “Public Health Emergency” made the Govt. to take severe actions like four folding the Parking costs, home delivering basic public services like, delivering subsidized grain to ration card holders and putting a ban on trucks and construction activities. On Tuesday, the air quality changed from “Severe” to “Very Poor” and the efforts taken by the Government is ineffable. The Hospitals said, there’s been an increase of 20% patients in last two weeks who suffered from breathing problems. The High Court said the reduction in life expectancy due to pollution and government inaction on it was nothing less than “genocide” and “murder”.

Delhi Half Marathon

In Olden days children were forced to play outside but today, a petition was filed to cancel a National Level Marathon. Due to the fear of potential threats of acrid air, specifically when people were complaining of watering eyes, headaches and dizziness, and when the deadly particle size is 14 times the average safe limit. The Delhi High Court refused to postpone the Half Marathon but promised to raise the Safety bars by providing six medical stations, seven ambulances, 75 doctors and more than 100 nurses. Capital may have knocked this marathon out but it is rock bottomed by the ethereal sprint with Pollution.  

Who Is To Blame and What Is The Coda?

Whatever goes around comes around! Today, when the nation is bombinated with horrendous effects of pollution in the Capital and the people suffering from respiratory diseases, if one tries to antecede the years he would observe, they were only these people who burnt the crackers, burnt the effigies, tried to have more vehicles and over burnt the fuels and the most remarkably burnt the crops stubble. Seventeen incidents of Crop burning have been reported in Panipat alone, which gives an idea of other major parts of the region. The pollution generation at this level is significant and clearly shown its effect. And then the people complain the Government about the failure of “Odd-Even”.

The Only Solution to this issue is to stop blaming each other and help the Govt. achieve the goals and reduce the Pollution level. It is not only the task of Government but also of the People staying in the capital. It’s not a day job, but will eventually bring results but only when people start to support its Government.

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