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No Age Bar For Crime : A 10th Class Student Stabbed By His Classmates For Using Foul Language In Delhi

A 10th class student was stabbed by his classmates as he used foul language. The crime rate is being increased among children.

Crime Rate Increases Among Children

Increase in urbanisation has led to an increase in crime rate among the children. While in 2010 and 2011 there had been a 24% increase in the crime rate, it has risen to 52.5% in the recent years. The children are not only becoming victims but also are in danger of becoming a part of crime rackets. Inadequate amenities, disruption in schooling, lack of parental care, poor health outcomes, unstable incomes and exposure to substance abuse are few of the reasons as to why children opt crime. For the past five years, Delhi has been proved to be the worst place for grow up. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) , the city has reported the largest number of cases against the children.

A 10th Class Student Was Stabbed In Delhi

On Friday, in a government school near Rohini Sector-1, a class 10th student was stabbed by two of his classmates for allegedly using abusive language. The students stabbed the victim multiple time in the stomach and in the chest after the latter abused them. The accused had called some of his friends and they assembled outside the gate of the school. As soon as the victim came out, they attacked him with a knife. The police have not yet arrested the accused and his friends. The DCP told that the investigation is going on regarding the case.


It is shocking to see how school children in their tender age fall prey to crime. The number of alleged offenders aged 14 or younger has risen 27% over the past three years. The use of weapons among children have become common. Children as young as years as 10 years old were among the hundreds of youngsters arrested for suspected gun crimes. It is very important nowadays to counsel children at home and at school and monitor their day to day activities.


Nowadays families are becoming more dysfunctional and violent, which makes kids desensitised to violence. Kids are surrounded by it – in the family, on the internet, the TV, video games and movies. Ease of access to adulterated movies and weapons spoil the mental balance of a child. As parents get busy with work, they get a very less time to spend with their children. Due to hectic workload parents and teachers become impatient when dealing with children and thus they lose their way in this big world.

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