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Awaiting Justice: Corruption of Money or Merely Murder of Ethical Values?

On one side, the well-known hospital brand of medical science denied all the rumours and claimed all the standard protocols were followed, but on the other side parents lost a little family member and look forward to suing the hospital in the court. Yes, you read that right, parents from Dwarka lost their seven-year-old girl Adya due to the severe disease, dengue, after the treatment conducted in the Fortis Hospital. The Fortis Healthcare is internationally recognised and widely spread in cities of India. Parents filed allegations against the hospital for overcharge and wrong-doing.

What Happened!

Although Adya Singh, a seven-year-old little girl got treatment for dengue by two hospitals, she was detected dead on 15th September 2017.

  1. She was first detected with the fever on 27th August 2017 and admitted to the Rockland Hospital of Dwarka Sector 12 by 29th August 2017.
  2. Strange but true, she initially shared a room with the Swine Flu patient, which was changed after a request from the parents.
  3. On 31st August 2017, Adya was detected with Dengue Type IV and moved to the Fortis Hospital Gurgaon, which has a paediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU). According to the father, Adya was kept on a ventilator and only allowed to see through a glass window.
  4. On request of the parents to take the baby home, the girl was put off the ventilator by the hospital staff. The hospital bills paid by Jayant [father of Adya] were nearly about 16 lakhs within a fortnight.
  5. After official formalities, they released the baby at 11:30 PM. The girl was immediately taken back to the Rockland Hospital and after conducting an ECG they declared her dead.

Who Suffered!

The family of Adya, only!
Jayant’s wife, Deepti, who was six weeks pregnant, suffered a miscarriage due to shock. The other twin, Anya constantly kept inquiring about her ailing sister Adya. Jayant, an IT professional based in Dwarka, tried to come out of everything and rearrange his family back to normal. Overall, the family lost two lives and also paid around 16 lakhs of just 15 days of treatment.

Reactions and Involvement

Now, after two months, overcoming mental trauma, Jayant Singh filed an allegation against Fortis Hospital about overcharging and wrong-doing. He is also looking forward to filing the allegation of trauma and mental harassment. He stated, “Doctors had declared my baby’s brain was 70-80% damaged and on the other hand they suggested to do full body plasma transplantation.” After giving up all hope when Jayant wanted to take his baby back home, the staff compelled him to arrange ambulance by himself and pay the bill for the baby’s medical gown as well.

Hospital refused all the allegations and stated, “The girl admitted with the dengue shock syndrome in extremely serious condition and also without the medical advice from the previous hospital. A multi-disciplinary team of doctors was formed to look into this case and not a single act of wrongdoing took place in between. The team had followed all the medical protocols and guidelines. The girl put off the ventilator as suggested by the family and Discharged Against Medical Advice [DAMA]. The false allegation made by the family is a planned act after two months from the event.”

Jayant took social media’s help and created a Facebook page seeking support for justice and also getting support of friends and colleagues. The Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Jagat Prakash Nadda also took a stand and tweeted, “Please provide me details on [email protected]. We will take all necessary action”. The district health department stated, “They didn’t receive any sample from the private hospital to detect and verify the symptoms of dengue”.


Nowadays, we constantly hear about no safety in roaming around late night in suspicious areas. But these incident leads us to the same question: Is there no safety of life in hospitals as well, even after spending so much money against the multi-star facilities? If one has restraints, then why others (including so-called educated people) shows their hunger to utilize such restraints for personal benefits, instead of helping one to overcome?
Why such shameful event happened naturally (I hope so) OR due to the irresponsibility of the involved persons (including parents, doctors, nurses, pharmacist) in performing duty with honesty? Or is is the lack of ethical values and humanity in so-called highly educated professionals who only believe in money-oriented (corrupted) business models? The doctor has the power to save a life, but power will only be appreciated if utilized for the purpose of humanity. Otherwise, it will be corrupted. Remember, William Gaddis said, “Power doesn’t corrupt people, people corrupt power”.

Adya’s family is waiting for justice just like many others. Even though justice will not give the family Adya back, it can give them hope for humanity.

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