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National Anthem Played In Cinema Halls: A Matter Of National Pride Or Unnecessary Moral Policing

It has now been a year since the Supreme Court had ordered cinema halls to play the National Anthem before playing any movie on screens. But now, the Apex Court has asked the Centre to revisit the order and formulate the rules and regulations about the same since the issue falls under the Centre’s purview. By January 9th, 2018, the Centre has to come up with its decision and that would be the telling point for all of us whether we really need such an order to make us realize our National Pride. The citizens of the country need to ask themselves whether this is a case of moral policing, bringing up a really sorry state in terms of the patriotism of the citizens. Do we really need some law to be enforced on us to make us respect and love our country?

The Significance Of The National Anthem

A National Anthem of a country is a hymn or a song which signifies the history, the struggles and the stories of the great people of the nation selected by the government to be the National song. It is a matter of pride to sing the National Anthem, our’s being ‘Jana Gana Mana’, composed by the poet, Rabindranath Tagore. Our Anthem is sung on various occasions, the right way to sing it and also the appropriate places where it needs to be sung is instructed to us by the government. The full version of the Anthem is usually sung during Civil and Military investitures, National Salute to the President or the Governor, parades, when the President arrives/departs from state functions, before and after the President addresses the citizens overall India radio, arrival/departure of Governors from respective state functions, when the National flag is in a parade, when Regimental colors are presented, and while hoisting the colors of the Navy. The shorter version is sung while raising toasts in messes. Of course there is an exhaustive list of places where the versions can be sung. It is up to each citizen to understand the relevance of the place and pay respect to the National Anthem by standing up while it is being played. Constitutional Patriotism makes us abide by law and enforces in us the respect we have to display when the National Anthem is being played in public places. But is this the right way to bring about Nationalistic ideologies in the present generation? We are actually losing the true meaning and significance of ‘Jana Gana Mana’ in the process.

Is It All About Wearing Patriotism On Our Sleeves

It was a year ago, that a man named Shyam Narayan Chouksey filed a PIL in the court that the National Anthem be played in cinema halls before every movie, following which the SC issued the order in November 2016. Since then, the movie-goers of the country are standing up to the playing of the National Anthem before watching any movie. This has instilled a sense of enforced patriotism in the people. National Anthem should be respected by the people of the country because they feel the pride of being citizens of this great nation. It should happen willingly and not due to some law being issued in the court. We need not be obligated to show respect when we are going to cinema halls where we go with the intention of pure entertainment.

Now, a year has passed by, and the SC is revisiting its order. The Apex Court is asking the Central government to make the final decision and issue the rules and regulations regarding playing the National Anthem in theatres. While ruling the order, it is up to the Central government to keep in mind that it is not up to the government to keep the patriotism of the people in check and instead concentrate on creating a better nation for the people to revive their patriotism and respect for the nation.

What It Really Boils Down To

If the matter is considered critically, it all comes down to the sensibility of the people in terms of showing respect to the National Anthem. Whether we stand up or not mainly shows the ethics that have been inculcated in us. The National pride and respect we show should come to us voluntarily.  Enforcing it through law only brings about the insecurity by the lawmakers who think that National pride is diminishing in the country. How do we keep a check on the moral policing that is engulfing us which might only agitate certain sections of the people? It is high time we think what is necessary by law and what we must do as responsible citizens of the country. We need not wear our respect and patriotism on our sleeves, rather in our hearts and through our actions by fetching accolades for our country through our accomplishments.

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