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The Polluted Politics

Appeal To The SC

There is a persistent argument around the unforeseen question Aam Atmi Party leader, Arwind Gejriwal asked the Supreme Court about the capital of India. He has approached the Supreme Court debating whether or not the court has passed any law that deviates away from the constitution. This unexpected argument for the Delhi government describes its effort to carve out specific areas for the unhindered exercise of its executive powers, as the senior advocate Indira Jaising told a bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices A K Sikri, A M Khanwilkar, D Y Chandrachud Ashok Bhushan. She notes that there was no reference in the Constitution, or in any law for that matter, that New Delhi is the legitimate capital of India.

Description Of NCR

However, there is a unique example of interstate regional planning and development for a
region alleged to be National Capital Region(NCR) with Delhi as its core. However, the National Capital Region is not limited to Delhi; it is not bound to the AAP ruled zone alone. The NCR covers 3 states which include 22 districts, excluding Delhi. The entire NCT (Delhi) is only 1,483 sq.km area of the total 53,817 sq.km which accounts for a mere 2.75%.This is not a plan that was made overnight. Nearly 3 decades ago, the NCR planning board 1985, under Section 8 (f), empowered the Board to select
any area outside the NCR having regard to its location, population and potential for growth as a,
Counter Magnet Area,” in consultation with the State Government concerned with a view to
achieving the objectives of the Regional Plan.

Hooks Of Matters To Be Solved

There are innumerous questions of the cause and root of the issue. Is he diverting the people about the pollution overseen in the capital? Is he willing to divide the executive powers between
the centre and the state? Is it a rough impedance of the centre in fields of women welfare, employment, education, sanitation and health care? If these are exceptions, then what would the exact reason be?

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