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Major Women’s Issues in India

  • Rape in India: Rape in India has been in the spotlight both domestically and internationally.
  • Honor Killing in India: Honor killings are popular in India as a way for the family to bring back “lost honor” after a family member “dishonors” the family.
  • Human Trafficking in India: Human trafficking has forced many women and girls into slavery in India.
  • Prostitution in India: Although prostitution is legal in India, there are many issues surrounding it.
  • Marriage Issues in India
    • Dowry in India: Dowry is outlawed in India, and yet it affects women all around the country. 
    • Myth of Love Jihad in India
    • NRI Marriages and Indian Women
    • Divorce in India
    • Domestic Violence in India
  • Reproductive Health Issues in India
    • Access to Abortion in India
    • Infant Mortality in India
    • Sex Ratio in India
    • Female Genital Mutilation in India
    • Infanticide in India
    • Menstruation Stigma in India
    • Access to Birth Control in India
    • Breastfeeding Stigma in India
  • Treatment of Widows in India
    • Sati in India
  • Representation of Women in Indian Government
  • Education of Girls in India
  • Public Safety for Women in India
    • Eve Teasing in India
    • Acid Attack in India
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