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Viva Charity: Empowering Women to Fight Female Feticide

Female feticide and infanticide have become such a disturbingly common aspect of India to the appalling point where it causes one to seriously wonder what fuels this.

Devesh Lal is a Network Consultant in India for the international christian children’s charity, Viva. Lal believes that women have no voice in India, so they don’t speak up. Who’s to argue with that? The problem of feticide had once gone to the repulsive point where dogs were being fed female fetuses in Beed, Maharashtra.

Considering girls to be inferior has gone to the extent that mothers don’t even want to give birth to one. Lal explains:

The birth of a girl child is bad news for a family. Males are preferred because they can continue the family line. They take care of their parents when they become elderly and, for religious reasons, only they can perform post-death rituals when parents die.

Fortunately there is some hope for the suffering daughters of India. Viva is attempting to decrease the amount of discrimination daughters are facing by changing the attitudes and actions towards these girls through the Church. Christian today states, “In such a bleak situation, Christian charities such as Viva bring a ray of hope. Viva has partner networks in six cities across India, inspiring lasting change in the lives of over 150,000 children through the power of collective action.” This is a perfect example of the type of change that is necessary in India, because small steps can unquestionably go a long way.More than 350 churches are currently working together to address important issues plaguing suffering children. Recognizing the problem is the first and most imperative step in creating change in India.

Ending feticide as a whole is a daunting challenge, but it is possible. Removing this practice completely in Indian society involves several strides towards empowerment. One such stride that Viva is taking is a program called “Dare to be different,” which provides life skills training for teenage boys and girls.

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