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A Step Forward: Wind Turbines for India


The amount of nonrenewable resources remaining on the planet we occupy is diminishing at alarming rates as time progresses. This issue has been successfully brought to the global community’s attention within the last century or two. The Industrial Revolution really set off an environmental awareness movement that has strengthened since then. Once India industrialized, like everywhere else, the environment became a real issue. As of 2012, India was among the top in the worst air pollution. Air pollution is caused by the burning of fossil fuels for energy. Despite the major environmental issues plaguing India, it has become a frontrunner in the manufacturing of wind turbines.

Gamesa India, stemming from Spanish company Gamesa, is the top wind turbine manufacturer in the country at the moment. This only contributes to India being among the top five countries using wind turbines, as of 2012. Wind turbines use the active energy of wind to generate power/electricity. As renewable energy sources are at an all-time high in demand, India is heading in the right direction with wind turbines. India’s contributions to Gamesa have increased significantly within the past few years. As a result of Gamesa being a major company in the industry, its commission as a whole has been increasing. Thus, an increase in its involvement in the Indian market.


It’s nice to hear, for a change, some positive environmental events taking place in India. The implementation of wind turbines is helping the domestic economy in addition to its obvious benefits of turning to renewable energy. Wind turbines are a clean energy source in addition to being one of the least expensive renewable resources to use. Like every alternative to fossil fuels and the like, wind energy has its flaws. But it is undoubtedly one of the most promising industries for the name of renewable energy.

Moving Forward

Gamesa India has plans to put out up to 800 megawatt wind turbines from India within the next year or two. The manufacturing in this industry has really skyrocketed within the last decade or so. Despite all the evident environmental issues India faces, the country is making progress.

Check out the Ministry of Environment and Forests for more information on India’s policies, regulations, etc. regarding its environment.

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