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Child Sexual Abuse: A Crime Faced by Both Genders

Clothes stained in blood, barely breathing, struggling for life, surrounded by men who raped him. Yes, it is him. It is time that we realize that rape is a crime faced by both the genders and people of all ages.


Last month, a 13 year old boy from Mumbai was allegedly raped by four men and died of multiple organ failures. He also tried to commit suicide by swallowing rat poison. The boy reported that four men continuously raped him and threatened to kill his family.


The number of cases registered for child abuse increased from 8,904 in 2014 to 14,913 in 2015 under the POSCO act (Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Act).

The Issue

Undoubtedly, child abuse is a major issue in India. It is like a malignant cancer spreading without any inhibitions. It is unfortunate that at an age where the kid must enjoy, learn and grow, he/she faces a major trauma that changes his/her behavior affecting him/her physically and emotionally. It destroys a child’s innocence completely.

Another interesting finding from a study conducted by Ministry of Women and Child Development is that in workplaces, boys were more frequently abused than girls. A Mumbai based filmmaker has started a campaign and urged the government to look into the sexual abuse of boys. She started the photo campaign and is encouraging the victims to speak out.

A research on official statistics and reports, IBTimes UK ranked some of the countries with the highest rate of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and India is in the top five. Irrespective of caste, gender, religion, and geographical situation, this inhuman activity occurs across the country. Around 48,000 children became a victim of the crime within a span of ten years (2001-2011). The statistics and the numbers are shocking. Is there a solution to this monster that is plaguing our country?

Preventive Methods

Preventive methods like installing cameras may not work since 94.8% of rape cases were committed by someone the kids trusted.


The ‘Touch’

Many schools have taken great initiative to educate the students between ‘good touch and bad touch’. This is a start to creating awareness and getting the kids involved.

Be friendly

Parents should be friendly and not overreact. Kids must feel safe to tell their problems to their parents.

Helpline number

Children can reach out to the childline help center by calling 1098 which provides 24/7 services.


It is not just the job of the government, parents or the child care foundations to. As a neighbor, relative or just as a human being, it is incumbent upon us to identify and report child abuse.

Be vigilant:

If a kid is behaving differently such as sudden withdrawal from socializing, sleeping and eating disorders etc., talk to him/her, get consent and immediately notify police personnel.

Know thy law:

According to Section 19 and 21 (1) of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, it is a must to report cases even for people who are aware of the incidence of abuse. This includes people who work in hospitals, media, studios, hotels etc…

Empathize with them:

Last thing victims wants is to feel alienated. Talk to them and ensure them that they are alright.

To conclude, it is upon every citizen to protect and nurture the future of our country. Lastly, the Indian law should recognize that boys/men can get raped too. According to Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, rape is something that only a man can do to a woman. Although, POSCO (2012) is for child survivors of both the genders, the rape law leaves out large number of male victims who are not able to come forward due to lack of legal support and social stigma.


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