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Join the Rally for the Conservation of our Rivers

It goes without saying that out of all the natural resources bestowed by nature upon us, water is the foremost essential thing we have. Although nearly 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, it is a bizarre fact that we are facing water crisis since decades. We do have the economic assets, we do have the scientific technology to purify the water. The only thing that is missing is perhaps is a genuine goodwill.

To tackle this problem, the much celebrated Indian mystic Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev), who is popularly known for his enterprise Isha Foundation, launched the ‘Rally For Rivers’ campaign. In less than a century, the world has wasted so much of water that statistics show that today we have 75% less drinkable water than in the year of India’s independence.

The Mentor And His Organization

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a prominent spiritual leader, visionary and an altruistic humanitarian. Sadhguru delivers his thoughts on several notable platforms of the world and works vigorously towards the revival of natural resources and developing mindfulness among the people.

Sadhguru set up the Isha Foundation, a secular institution run by its volunteers. Isha Yoga Center was established in the year 1992 and has a progression of projects to elevate mindfulness through yoga.

At the center of the Foundation’s exercises is an altered mechanism of yoga known as Isha Yoga. Isha Yoga distills effective, old yogic strategies for a cutting-edge individual, helping followers thrive both physically and mentally. This premise of aggregate prosperity quickens inward development, enabling every person to entail the abundance of energetic life from inside.

Objectives And Shortcomings

Our ancestors had recognized the unignorable significance of water. For this reason, they established their civilizations on the banks of rivers like Ravi and Ganges. Today, India is struggling with the crisis of water management to plan and establish an optimum distribution of the water resources. Great rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Cauvery are facing a jeopardy.

Rally For Rivers is a river rejuvenation plan to curb water wastage and control the decline in the amount of water. It includes making and keeping up tree cover for at least one kilometer on either side of the whole stream length and a large portion of a kilometer for tributaries.

In this proposed plan for saving the rivers, local woodlands would be planted in government-possessed land along riverbanks. Natural organic tree development would be taken up on the farmers’ territories. This arrangement guarantees that waterways are reestablished while likewise improving farmers’ work by dramatically increasing their salary in five years. The accessibility of organic product additionally enhances nutritious admission among individuals.

Nevertheless, like any other policy, Rally For Rivers too has several shortcomings that defile the sanctity of the movement. Sadhguru promotes his rally by traveling in a luxurious Mercedes car with a group of twenty other Mahinda XUV vehicles. To compensate for the air pollution caused by this rally, we need to plant around eight lakh trees.

Besides, merely planting saplings at the riversides is simply an inadequate and extravagant suggested solution to address the problem.

Nityanand Jayaraman, an environmental researcher stated that “tree planting is over-hyped as an environmental good. If rivers are to be revived, it is not just trees that do the most good, but grasses, shrubs, aquatic vegetation, and hardy floodplain plants that can withstand and even thrive in intense flooding.”


Despite its several shortcomings, Sadhguru’s campaign is The ‘Rally For Rivers’ is gaining mass support both online and in active cities. Sadhguru himself will actually promote the campaign starting with one end of India then onto the next to spread the message and offer arrangements. If the plan is well executed, then we can hope to see a regeneration of trees safeguarding the environment.

We must realize the fact that besides the volunteers, the collaboration of both the government and citizens is needed. Although as the critics hold, the campaign may not be very beneficial for checking the destruction of the rivers, we should remember the saying of Lao Tzu that “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Rally For Rivers is not a political development or unsettling. It is a development to make us mindful of what we are confronting. There is an answer for this issue gave move is made and we should all meet up for our own future and additionally our agriculturists and country’s future.

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